When you get a premium website, you get more than just a website. We'll take care of every aspect of the project from start to finish, including:


The first step in building a website is to perform a thorough marketing analysis to identify what you’re trying to achieve and and how to best fulfill your goals. We’ll determine how people will find your site and how they’ll interact with it once there.


A great website has a great design. We use our experienced in-house designers to create a modern look that compliments your brand.

Writing Content

Writing your own “copy” is time-consuming and painful. Leave it up to the professionals! Our copywriter will work with you to create new and revise existing copy to ensure that every word on your site is professionally polished and aligned with your goals.

Rich Imagery

Most web companies make you provide your own photos. Not us! We’ll send a professional photographer to take pictures of your organization, or use engaging stock photography so the design stays consistent and maintains an air of professionalism.

About Our Technology


When it comes to technology, our websites are fully comprehensive. They employ the latest and greatest techniques to make sure your site is compliant and performs at peak capacity.

Responsive Websites

All our websites are mobile responsive (cell-phone compatible), meaning they change layout depending on the size of the device that’s viewing. Responsiveness is now a factor in google searches while on mobile devices.

Lightning Fast Load Time

All images are optimized for quick loading. The images are never larger than they need to be, therefore the browser doesn’t waste time downloading large images that aren’t needed. Pages are pre-cached to serve up all the content in the shortest time possible!

A Powerful CMS

Leiout is a website builder, also known as a content management system (CMS), that makes designing beautiful websites easy. It helps you build good-looking web pages with incredible ease. Leiout is simple, powerful, and above all, intuitive.

Social Media Integration

Easily integrate like, share, follow, and tweet buttons into any page. Easily set the facebook metadata so when your page is shared you have engaging posts. You can choose the images, titles, and description that facebook uses! Post to social media right from your page!

SEO Best Practices

Leiout builds pages that follow SEO best practices. Not only will the pages look good to visitors, but they’ll look good to search engine bots.

Google Analytics

We install google analytics - a powerful tool that allows administrators to track visits, demographics, page behavior, engagement, along with a whole slew of other metrics. Careful tracking with google analytics allows your organization to make informed, calculated decisions to increase engagement.

Integrate 3rd party apps

Easily integrate other apps such as paypal, MailChimp, jotform, google maps, youtube, and more. This makes it easy to plug in apps can take care of your donations, email lists, and forms.

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