Take a look at all the cool things you can do in Leiout!
Working in Leiout allows you to:

Drag & Drop

Forget working in code or with clunky CMS interfaces like WordPress or Squarespace, and drag and drop instead! Leiout also lets you log in online from any computer, so there’s no need to install an editing program.

Edit in place

In old school editing, you would edit the text on an admin page, and then have to render the page in order to see what the updates would look like. (Those who have used WordPress know what we're talking about!)

The new (easier) way is to edit in place. When you're logged into your website in Leiout, everything is clickable and editable. Want to edit text or an image? No problem—just click on it.

Get Responsive, Fast Pages

All pages are responsive, meaning they change layout depending on the size of the device that you’re using to view them. (And responsiveness is now a factor in Google searches while on mobile devices.)

All images are also optimized to load quickly. They’re never larger than they need to be, and therefore the browser doesn’t waste time downloading unnecessarily huge images. 


These are all the things you can drag into your page.


Update your text with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor—a straightforward alternative to working in code. Just click in to edit!


Drop in a heading in for easy formatting, without any extra coding.  


Insert and crop images, and apply effects.


Select and add single-image or carousel galleries.


Choose a style, add buttons, and insert links.

Page Links

Add links to other pages on your site. The images from the page you’re linking to will automatically be pulled in, and a button will be created with image and text.

Social MediA

Want to add Facebook and Twitter icons? Just drag them in—Leiout builds the buttons automatically.


Simply copy and paste the link to your YouTube video and it will automatically be embedded.


Insert any code, plug-in, or third party widget. You can also easily embed sign-up forms, maps, and other media.


Add a common header with your logo and social media links that will be shared on every page.


Enable your customers to have a dialogue on your website by dragging in the Disqus element. A Disqus forum will automatically be generated for your page, and visitors will be able to chime in with their comments.

Social Media Integration

Make your website social and shareable by easily integrating Like, Share, and Tweet buttons into any page—allowing your customers to post to social media without ever leaving your website. You can also use it to set the Facebook metadata (the images, titles, and descriptions that appear in your posts) to make sure your posts are good-looking and engaging.

Which are you more likely to click?

With Setting Metadata

Without Setting Metadata


We install Google Analytics—a powerful tool that allows administrators to track visits, demographics, page behavior, and engagement, along with a whole slew of other metrics. Careful tracking with Google Analytics allows you to make informed, calculated decisions to increase engagement with your business or organization.

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