GA4 Migration Services

The time is now to make the switch to Google Analytics 4. The team at Trolley Web is here to help make your GA4 migration process smooth and painless for you.

What is GA4 Migration?

GA4 is the next generation of web analytics from Google. It offers advanced tracking and reporting capabilities that provide a deeper understanding of user behavior and customer journeys across various touchpoints. GA4 lets website owners harness the power of machine learning and AI to uncover actionable insights, enhance marketing strategies, and drive better business results. GA4 migration is the process of creating and configuring a new GA4 property, and ensuring that your tracking apparatus is recreated in accordance with GA4's unique new data model. 

GA4 is not just an upgrade from the previous version of Google Analytics. It's a completely new platform that requires a separate implementation and migration process. What's more - the old version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics (UA), will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023 and your historical data will be deleted beginning January 1, 2024. So kind of have to.

But it's ok. We're here to help! Enter Trolley Web's GA4 Migration Service: We can take the reins on your migration, set up your new GA4 property, connect with existing properties, create and configure data streams, and install tracking codes and tags so you can get the most out of Google's powerful new data tools.

Google Analytics 4 Graphic Showing User Geography

New Features in Google Analytics 4

There are lots of reasons to want to migrate to GA4, apart from it being essentially mandatory ;)

Enhanced cross-device tracking
GA4 allows you to track user interactions across different devices, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey.
Smarter insights with AI
Leverage machine learning algorithms to identify trends, predict user behavior, and make data-driven decisions.
Event-based tracking
GA4 focuses on events rather than page views, enabling a more detailed understanding of user actions and interactions.
Streamlined reporting
GA4 offers a simplified reporting interface, making it easier to access and interpret crucial data.
Deeper integration with Google Ads
GA4 seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, allowing you to optimize your advertising campaigns based on comprehensive insights.

Trolley Web can help you through this transition simply and smoothly with our professional GA4 migration service. See what our service has to offer:

Basic GA4 Migration Services

No matter where you are in your marketing and Analytics journey, you'll need the basics. Our GA4 migration includes the following services:

  • Create a new GA4 property
    If your site is still connected to a Universal Analytics property, we'll create the new GA4 property and connect it to transfer as much as possible through Google's migration tools. If you have never set up Google Analytics, we'll create a new property from scratch.
  • Install the GA4 tracking code
    This replaces the Universal Analytics tracking code, and is required to send data from your website to Google Analytics.
  • Set up data streams
    Data streams are the source of data for your GA4 property. You can set up data streams for websites, mobile apps, or other digital platforms.
  • Compare data between Universal Analytics and GA4
    We will run both GA4 and Universal Analytics in parallel for a period of time to compare the data and ensure accuracy before fully transitioning to GA4.
  • Backup Historical UA Data
    The old version of Google Analytics will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023 and your historical data will be deleted beginning January 1, 2024. We'll create backups of this crucial data so you can continue to track the growth of your site for optimization and reporting.

Configure events and conversions - Advanced

Conversion tracking can give very detailed information about how the performance of your digital properties. To do this, GA4 needs to know which events and which parameters to track. Custom tracking setups can get lost in translation between UA's session-based data model and GA4's event-based model. Event and conversion tracking are not included in our Basic GA4 Migration, but are highly recommended for a robust SEO & marketing strategy.
If you are interested in setting up custom tracking for your site, contact us.

If you're not interested in professional services, but want the benefits of properly migrated GA4 data collection, check out our guide in our Blog below.

Google Analytics 4 Graphic Showing increasing users over time
Google Analytics 4 Graphic Showing pageview data lines for 5 different pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Analytics will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023. If you do not create a GA4 property, you will lose the ability to see how your website is performing. Migrating is highly recommended as GA4 offers advanced features and improved insights. Not migrating would mean losing tracking any measurement capability for your website, and going back to just guessing what your business needs, and hoping it works.
During the migration process, your historical data will be preserved. However, some data discrepancies may occur due to differences in tracking methodologies.
Yes, you can run GA4 alongside Universal Analytics for a certain period. It allows you to gradually transition while maintaining your existing tracking.
The duration of the migration depends on the complexity of your analytics setup. Our team will work efficiently to ensure a swift and seamless transition.
We offer ongoing support services to help you maximize the potential of GA4. Our team is available to provide assistance, answer queries, and optimize your analytics setup.
Yes, but proceed with caution. See our step by step guide to GA4 migration on how it's done.

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