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Web design job Wilmington Delaware (remote)

Posted: Oct 19, 2022

Trolley Web is a small but mighty boutique website company focused on people, a positive work environment, a healthy work-life balance, and of course creating great websites. We're comprised of casual relation-based people offering a collaborative work environment, flexible schedule, and 401(k).

We're currently looking for a front-end website designer to build professional bootstrap-based websites in a proprietary CMS. Candidate must have experience in HTML, CSS, bootstrap, and SCSS (SASS, LESS, or equivalent). Some experience in javascript is required, but it will be used sparingly. Remote options are allowable. Candidate can be based anywhere in the U.S. but must be willing to work on East Coast time. Preference will be given to local candidates. 

Compensation starting rate up to $62k (or $30/hr) based on experience.

Please apply with some samples of your work that demonstrates your ability to use bootstrap and CSS. The perfect example is showing me a drawing of a website, then the end result. Please don't bother showing Wordpress or other theme-based websites unless you specifically designed the theme and/or components with your own custom CSS/HTML.

If you're granted an interview it will look like this:

  • Be ready to show your portfolio of some of your work
  • Be ready to take a test assessing your skills in bootstrap and css. Some questions will be assessing basic competency, others we'll be looking at your creative approach to solving the problem. We're not trying to trick you, so if you're confident in your Bootstrap and CSS abilities you'll do fine.

Job Description

A web tech will build websites in a proprietary bootstrap-based CMS. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of what goes into building modern-looking websites, responsive design, modern website architecture, and have both technical and design skills. You'll mostly be taking drawing of websites provided to you by our design team and building them to specs in our CMS. You'll also be responsible for maintaining existing websites within our software.


Your responsibilities will be to work with a project manager to build websites for small business and organizations, and keep them maintained.  Day to day tasks would include modifying and building websites from drawings, integrating the client's needs into the design and function, thinking through user flow, creating calls to action, and building upon existing website functionality. 

Full and part-time work loads available.  


Necessary Skills:

  • Proficiency in Bootstrap
  • Proficiency in CSS and SASS/SCSS
  • Eye for modern design with attention to small details
  • Understanding of how to integrate open source JS plugins
  • Familiarity in common structure of websites

Soft skills:

  • Fast working and accurate with attention to detail
  • Eager and dedicated learner
  • Must be able to switch between tasks easily and efficiently.

About Trolley Web

Trolley Web is a small but mighty web firm in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Company culture
We believe in high quality, innovative work. We're proud to provide our clients the best bang for their buck in terms of the quality of design and functionality. Our employees are innovative, collaborative, and inclusive. 

To Apply

Please send an email to with the subject line "Job application: Web Tech". Provide a resume with links to relevant projects and/or portfolios. Remember, during your interview you'll be asked to do a short competency test.

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