Free Event!

The Complete Beginner's Guide To A Successful Website

April 16, 2018 In Wilmington At the First & Central Presbyterian Church.  Free!

Your website is supposed to bring in business and raise awareness about your organization, but instead it just sits there on the web not doing much. If your website were to go offline, nobody would notice for weeks at a time. Sound familiar? Well it's time to turn that around!

This seminar will teach you the basics of transforming an under-performing website into a tool that works around the clock to bring you business and brand awareness. We'll learn how to make your pages rank higher on search engines, how to get more clicks, how to generate a "call to action", and how to make your pages more engaging for your visitors. No website experience necessary.

This interactive workshop is made for small business owners, small and mid-sized nonprofits, churches, and grassroots groups.

This is a FREE seminar, held at the First & Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Wilmington, right across from Rodney Square. Please RSVP by marking yourself as attending on this event page. Check back to this event page for more details as the event date approaches.

We'll learn:

  • How to assess your website's performance
  • How to create a "call to action"
  • How to structure your website to convert visitors to customers
  • How to speak directly to your audience through the language on your site
  • How to generate traffic to your website

We'll learn the real way to create an effective website. Despite what you may have been told, there are no special tricks or secrets you can do to your code to perform better on search results. It takes critical thinking about what you're saying to your customers and how they interact with your website.

This seminar is meant for people who are serious about improving their websites. If you're looking for quick cheats to improve your ranking, look elsewhere. If you're not willing to put in the work to make your website work, this might not be for you. Seating is limited, so priority will go to those who reserved their spot.

About The Presenter


Jason Hoover is the founder of one of Wilmington's top website design firms, Trolley Web. Jason was the tech and social media mastermind behind the successful grassroots group, Save The Valley, which mobilized thousands of locals to unite in saving a large piece of open space in Wilmington. Jason enjoys helping other grassroots group achieve similar effectiveness through their website and social media. Being a Wilmington native, Jason wants to see the city thrive - his small part is in doing so is by helping small businesses, organizations, and grassroots groups flourish.

Event Details

Date: Monday, April 16th
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Time: 7:30pm
Location: First & Central Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE

Getting There

Address: 1101 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Parking: There is no parking lot, but parking is free and plentiful on the street. Since the event is after hours you should have no trouble in finding a spot.

Finding the room: The event will be held downstairs at the church. Walk in through the doors on 11th street, then head down the steps and to the right. There will be lots of signs.