Leiout Help

Welcome to the Leiout Designer help center. Browse through the videos below to find help about various common tasks.


An Intro To Leiout

Learn the basics of Leiout - how to login, add elements to your page, delete, replace images, and more.

add and edit images.PNG

How To Add And Edit Images

Learn how to add images, crop them to size, and add basic effects.


How To Clone

Cloning is a powerful tool that can save you lots of time when designing a page. Clone any element, column, row, or section.


How Create Image Galleries

Learn the basics of each of the three image gallery types. Add images, crop them to the right aspect ratios, reorder your slides, and more. Learn how to add buttons and text to your slides.


The Basics Of Publishing And Previewing

Learn what it means to publish a page and how to do it. We cover the publish wizard, quick publish, setting facebook metadata, and google snippet. Learn the difference between live and preview mode.


How To Add Youtube Videos

Adding a youtube video is simple. Just drag in the youtube element, click element's cog, then copy and paste a link in.


Routes, Permalinks, and Moved Routes

Learn how to change the route, or "permalink" of your page. Create new routes, change old ones, and generate "moved routes". Moved routes redirect traffic from an old page to a new one in order to increase user functionality as well as preserve your google rankings on old pages.


Background Images and Parallax

Learn how to set a background image. We'll go over the difference between a regular image and a background image, how to set a background image on a container, and how to add a parallax effect.