Premiere Websites

A totally customized, high-end web-package for enterprises

Premiere Package

An established enterprise should have a robust web solution, customized to their needs. Premium websites are for organizations who want to redefine their brand. Creating a new website is more than about getting a new look, it’s about redesigning your image. While most web firms will just rearrange your existing information, Trolley Web will help you reimagine. Our web packages can be customized to suit your specific needs.


Key Differentiators

True SEO
Our web packages have helped hundreds of businesses and organizations in the Wilmington and Philadelphia areas to increase their web traffic, boost their search results rankings, and deliver a professional first impression.

Search Engine Optimization is often painted as a complex system that requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Some companies use this misconception to invent recurring service charges when, in fact, their work is completed in the first stage of development. The truth is that SEO is rather simple, and your website only benefits from the application of standards laid out by search engine companies such as Google. We employ these standards, working closely with you to develop content that users will search for.

That simple practice has helped every single one of our clients reach top spots in search results for their industry. That means we don’t charge you extra for something you don’t need and in truth, doesn’t work!

The Sky's The Limit
We have the ability to change your website freely. We can do anything you imagine because we’re not bound to the limitations of Wordpress and other off-the-shelf CMS’s. We can easily integrate pre-built plugins or create our own custom solutions.

Fully Integrated
We integrate additional services on an as-needed-basis, such as Facebook marketing, website management, or custom solutions. Our websites are designed to succeed with future additions in mind, as opposed to patching solutions as you go.


A Trolley Web website comes equiped with the latest and greatest important features that will help your website thrive in a modern web environment. 

Mobile Responsive

Your site will look great to all mobile visitors, with a quick load on any device.

SEO Leverage

We employ SEO best practices and use our proven techniques to help you rank higher in search engines above your competition.

Web updates through phone/email

We'll keep your site up to date with our hassle-free phone and email support.

Beautiful and visually engaging design

Our handsome website themes will awe your visitors and bring you to the 21st century with the lastest design trends. We'll find a custom design that is consistent with your brand.

Fast loading

Your site will be optimized for a fast load, no matter the device or the internet connection.

Editable by you

Our easy to use website builder let’s you log in and make your own changes so you can keep your website up to date.

Analytic tools

We install google analytics so you can see where your web traffic comes from, how they interact with your site, and so much more.

Email form submission

Your prospects will be able to express interest through an email form on your website. Responses show up in your inbox, but also get logged in a database for safekeeping.


Your website will be safe with an SSL certificate. 

Want to see a comprehensive list of features?
Check our technical specs page.

The Process


We start every job with an in-depth marketing and planning consultation to set you up on the right track.


Before we even discuss aesthetics, we begin by mapping out the major components of your pages through wireframe drawings.

Copy Writing

So you're not a writer. That's okay! We have a dedicated copy writer who will work with you to make your website read smoothly and logically.


Next we'll build your website from the layout of your choice. Need customization? No problem! We'll work with you to create a custom design that fits with your brand.


Once the site is launched, we'll do extensive training so your staff can maintain your new website. We'll do periodic check-ins to assure you're running smoothly. After 6 months we'll analyze your website's performance, and make any necessary modifications. We're also available to do updates for you!

What's It Cost?

Every custom project is unique, therefore prices will vary depending on size and complexity. Let's get the conversation started and figure out more about your project.



How can I keep my website updated?
You have two options. First, you can log in through your browser and make updates through a drag and drop interface. The second option is to have us do it for you. Your subscription fee covers 2 hours of phone or email support (On Demand Edits) every month! Additional support available at an hourly rate.

How many pages does a Premiere website come with?
A Premiere website comes with as many pages as you need. This is one of the major factors that determines the price. 

How much does a Premiere website cost?
The cost of the website will generally be reflected on how many pages you have and what services you’d like. Generally, premiere sites are typically no less than $4 thousand.

Does the subscription fee cover hosting?
Yes, it does! Your subscription fee covers both hosting and support. 

What's hosting?
You can think of hosting as rent. In order for your website to be available online, you'll need to rent space on a server that's publicly accessible by anyone on the web. We provide that for you.

Can I host my website on a different server?
No, all website must be hosted on one of Trolley Web's servers so we can perform regular upgrades and maintenance to our website building software.

Can I customize my design?
Absolutely. With a Premiere website plan, we'll do a total customization of your website. We'll work with you to find what designs suit your taste and your brand, then we'll suggest a design that accommodates both.

Want to learn more? Give us a call!

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