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Despite what you hear, SEO is much more than keywords. It’s about anticipating how your customers will think. We take it one step further. SEO alone is only concerned with how you rank on search engines, but SEO paired with a "conversion funnel" turns rankings into sales. 

If you think about it, you want to do more than rank high on search engines, you want people to click your search result, interact with your website and ultimately call, visit, or buy. The ranking is merely step one of the process. Once they're on your site we want to convert that visit to an action - a sale, a phone call, an email, or an in-person visit.  How do we do this? By creating what we call an SEO Conversion Funnel. Putting the time and engery into setting up an effective SEO conversion funnel will pay dividends into the future. It will work while you sleep. Many business owners neglect to do this, but fortunately for you, doing so will set you apart from your competition.

How We Do It

Setting up an SEO Conversion Funnel is different for every business, but there are four common goals that every one shares.

1. Ranking High

We secure high ranking pages on search engines through tailored content and a thorough analysis of what we think “searchers” will type in to google. We develop a strategy so you dominate your niche.

3. On-Page Guidance

Once on your page, visitors are directed through an intentional set of pages (or sales funnel) to get them the right information as fast as possible.

2. Generating A Click

It does you no good if you’re first on a google search but people don’t click on your result. We want people to visit your page. We do this by customizing your “google snippet” to draw people in.

4. Generating An Action

Now that they’re convinced, we want visitors to take action (call, email, sign up, etc). We’ll help you develop a plan to capture your interested audience, and establish a set of tools to do so.

Beware! There are many SEO services on the internet that claim they can improve your search rankings, but if they don't tell you exactly what they do (because it's proprietary) they're likely scamming you. Nobody has a secret "in" with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The only way to rank better is through tailored content and coding best practices.

Ready to set up a system that works while you sleep?

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