Small Business Websites

Two great web-packages for established or budding businesses

Two Packages, One Goal

Dreaming big on a reality-sized budget? No problem! Whether you’re a budding business ready to take the next step, or a thriving business looking for a comprehensive web presence, we have the solution for you. We’ve assembled two web packages designed specifically to help businesses achieve a seamless online presence.  We’ll also help you maintain your website for you… for free! 

Thinking about outsourcing your marketing? We also offer SEO and Facebook advertising services. 

Pick The Plan That Works Best For You

Business Essentials Champion Website
Pages Up to 3 Up to 12
Price $750 $1,250
Subscription $20/mo $35/mo
Free On-Demand Edits 0.5 hours/month 1 hour/month
Planning 1 hour planning meeting 1 hour planning meeting
Website Tools Limited "Easy mode" Full Suite
Can Create Add'l Pages No Up to 30

What's It Cost?

We keep the pricing dead simple.

Business Essentials
Website Build: $750
Subscription: $20/mo

Website Build: $1,250
Subscription: $35/mo


On-Demand Edits

If you’re not up for the task of keeping your website up to date but still need changes done routinely, just call or email us and we’ll make the updates for you.  Your subscription includes time for free On-Demand edits every month.

Our two web packages have helped hundreds of businesses and organizations in the Wilmington and Philadelphia areas to increase their web traffic, boost their search results rankings, and deliver a professional first impression with a sleek, modern appearance - but our clients fall in love with our On-Demand Edits service.


A Trolley Web website is nothing to scoff at! Every site comes equiped with the latest and greatest important features that will help your website thrive in a modern web environment.

Mobile Responsive

Your site will look great to all mobile visitors, with a quick load on any device.

SEO Leverage

We employ SEO best practices and use our proven techniques to help you rank higher in search engines above your competition.

Editable by you

Our easy to use website builder lets you log in and make your own changes so you can keep your website up to date.

Beautiful and visually engaging design

Our handsome website "layouts" will awe your visitors and bring you to the 21st century with the lastest design trends.

On-Demand Edits through phone/email

Don't want to do the editing on your own? That's okay! We'll keep your site up to date with our hassle-free phone and email support. Just let us know what to update, through phone or email. Support included every month!

Fast loading

Your site will be optimized for a fast load, no matter the device or the internet connection.

Analytic tools

We install google analytics so you can see where your web traffic comes from, how they interact with your site, and so much more.

Email form submission

Your prospects will be able to express interest through an email form on your website. Responses show up in your inbox, but also get logged in a database for safekeeping.


Your website will be safe with an SSL certificate.

Want to see a comprehensive list of features?
Check our technical specs page.


The Process


We start every job with a 1-hour marketing and planning consultation to set you up on the right track.

Copy Writing

So you're not a writer. That's okay! We include 1 hour of copy writing for free, to make sure your website reads smoothly.


Next we'll build your website from the layout of your choice. Need customization? No problem! 1 hour customization included.

On-Demand Edits

Once your website is live you'll need to keep it up to date. If you're not up for the task, we'll do the updates for you. On-Demand Edits included every month! Request edits by phone or email.

Choose Your Layout

We've put together some easily digestible Layouts. In other words, different ways your website can look. We start all our Business Essentials and Champion websites from one of our trusted layouts. We can modify these layouts as needed.

You'll see two versions of each layout, in the side-by-side galleries, below. One layout designed for Business Essentials and the other designed for Champion websites. You'll notice they look similar, but the Champion layouts are more complex.


How can I keep my website updated?
You have two options. First, you can log in through your browser and make updates through a drag and drop interface. The second option is to have us do it for you. Your subscription fee covers 30 or 60 minutes of phone or email support every month!

How many pages does a Champion website come with?
A Champion website comes with up to 12 pages. Additional pages can be purchased a la carte for $100 each, up to 20 pages in total.

Does the subscription fee cover hosting?
Yes, it does! Your subscription fee covers both hosting and support. 

What's hosting?
You can think of hosting as rent. In order for your website to be available online, you'll need to rent space on a server that's publicly accessible by anyone on the web. We provide that for you.

Can I customize my design?
With a Business Essentials or Champion website plan you can choose your own photos, colors, and text based off of one of our trusted layouts. Our designs are "totally tweakable", so we can do minor modifications to the design. Up to one hour included. If you'd like to customize beyond that, we'll gladly do that for you at our hourly rate. 

Can I upgrade my website?
Yes, you can always upgrade your website from a Business Essentials to Champion, or from a Champion to a Premiere website where you'll get more pages and features. Discounts may be available for current clients.

What's the difference between the Business Essentials and Champion websites?
The main differences are the level of service  and number of pages. Champion websites include more time towards support every month and allow up to 12 pages built. I addition, owners of Champion websites can make up to 30 additional pages on their own.

Where will my website be hosted?
We will set up your website on a Linode linux-based server that is licensed to run the Leiout Designer software.

Can I host my website on a different server?
No, all website must be hosted on one of Trolley Web's servers so we can perform regular upgrades and maintenance to our website building software.

What happens if I want to move my website to another company?
There is no contract, you can switch web companies at any time, without penalty. However, the Leiout license is only valid on the server set up by Trolley Web. At any point you may export your website and move it to a different provider, independent of the Leiout CMS. You’ll be able to upload the exported site on to any web server. The exported website will function exactly as it did on the Trolley Web servers, but will be independent of the Leiout CMS.

What happens if a catastrophic event occurs to my website?
The integrity and security of your site is of the utmost importance to us. Due to our stringent security protocols, we haven’t had a single security issue for any of our hundreds of clients to date. Trolley Web makes weekly backups of your website in the unlikely occurrance of a catastrophic event. Your files are backed up in three different secure vaults and can be restored to a previous point or loaded onto another server immediately.

Website Tiers

Business Essentials

Up to 3 pages
Website Build: $750


Up to 12 pages
Website Build: $1,250


20+ pages
Website Build: Talk to us for a quote

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