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Trolley Web websites are built specifically to reach more people through engaging facebook posts. Our approach is to build a genuinely interested following, using your existing follower’s social media network. We add social media buttons to your blog, which can create a feedback loop that help make your posts more visible. Let’s see how this works.


1. Bob goes to your blog (or any page on your website with facebook buttons).


2. Bob finds it interesting. He clicks the like button.


3. Now when Bob’s friend logs onto facebook he sees that Bob liked an article.


4. Bob’s friend clicks on the link from facebook to read the article, because if Bob liked it, he might too.


5. He finds your page interesting too and clicks the “like” button. The cycle continues.


6. You might even gain Bob or Bob’s friend as a follower. They’ll see your future posts.

As important as plugging in facebook like/share and follow buttons are, there’s even more to it. In order for people to find your posts engaging, they must have an engaging facebook preview. A facebook preview is what’s generated automatically when you copy and paste a link into facebook. Most people don’t know it, but you can set the title, description, and image that facebook uses to generate your preview.

If you don’t specify what to use, often times facebook will pull an image and text from your page that are uninteresting, cropped poorly, or overall wrong.  

Which post, below, are you more likely to click? Both go to the same place, but have different facebook previews.


We manually set the facebook preview for every page on our websites so that, when shared on facebook,  people want to click them.

Using this method we’ve created some amazing engagement. Take a website we’ve done in the past for a grassroots group called Save The Valley. It’s a noble cause to save open space in Northern Delaware and South East Pennsylvania. Save The Valley is one of two similar groups, both working together to achieve the same end result.

Using our techniques for social media engagement we were able to help Save The Valley build a strong local following who regularly like, share, and comment on posts when we post them. We created engaging blog posts that drove traffic from their facebook to their website. We were able to disseminate important messages to their followers and build tremendous momentum over a short amount of time, which ultimately ended in a huge community-driven effort saving 240 acres next to Delaware’s only National Park. Over the course of three years we drove over 100k locals to their website. Compare that to the sister group who received less than a tenth of that traffic.

Our methods work. However, they take time to build momentum. Call us today if you’d like to discuss Trolley Web running your social media campaigns.

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