Ads that actually work.

Stop throwing money away on News Journal ads, billboards, flyers, and mailers without results. You need an expert who can help you ditch the wasteful scattershot strategy and conduct a laser focused online advertising campaign.

We are a Delaware based advertising agency, experts in digital marketing, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Don’t throw your money away
Rather than wasteful print ads that are easily ignored, we use Facebook advertising to capture an interested audience, drive them to your website, and then remind them of your brand through “remarketing”. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, our data-driven methodology allows you to immediately see the effectiveness of your ads and make adjustments on the fly. Since all the interactions are trackable we can get feedback about what’s working and what’s not. It takes the expensive guesswork out of advertising.

We’re the pros
We know what makes an effective marketing campaign - from the ad content to the lead capture, to the remarketing. Work with our creative team to create catchy ads. We’ll show you how to improve your SEO and sharpen your website, so if the ads are doing their job you’ll convert a click to a sale. Our approach is always intelligent and holistic, rather than being a shotgun approach in digital form.

Social Media Ads vs. Print

The difference is staggering

Our Way
x The Old Way

Our Way
The Old Way
Smart TrackingTraceable interactions tell us why it's working or why it isn't. Then we make adjustments instantly.xThere’s no way to know if your ad is effective. You can’t change your ad once it’s running.
Targeted AdsOnly pay to advertise to the people you think will already be interested. Create your audience by interests, demographic, habits, and location.xMost of your ads go to waste. They’re ignored because the vast majority of the people seeing it are not your target audience.
Instant DeliverySame day delivery. No wait or dropped orders!
xWait 7-10 business days for your ads to be printed and delivered. Hope that your order didn’t get lost in the paper shuffle.
Pay where it works. As little as $5/day to target only YOUR audience. 
xYou’re always at the mercy of someone else’s pricing scheme with no way to know if it’s effective. If another company pays more, their ad is bigger and brighter than yours.


Prepare your website

Create targeted messaging and improve SEO. Define the intention of each page and create a call to action. Install facebook ad scripts and analytic tools.

Set up facebook ads

Create your budget, audience, messaging, and ads in the facebook ads manager platform.

Run Your Ads

Run multiple versions of your ads and track their progress to see what works the best.


Show a more targetd ad to a warmer audience - people who have been to your website.

Still don’t quite get it?

Here Are Some Real World Examples

The Roofer

  1. You need a new roof, so you go to Google and search through half a dozen roofer’s sites.
  2. One saavy roofer has Facebook advertising tools installed on their website.
  3. Later, you log onto Facebook and see an ad from the saavy roofer you were looking at.
  4. You see a few more of their ads throughout the week, cementing their brand in your mind
  5. When deciding on which roofer to use, that saavy roofer will stand out among the rest.

The roofer converted a simple Google search into a sale through Facebook ads. Even after you left their website, thier Facebook ads brought you back.


The Meadery

  1. You enjoy the finer things in life, including craft brews and fine wines.
  2. One day, while on Facebook, you see an ad for mead, a honey-based beer. It peaks your interest, so you click to find out more.
  3. The Meadery is in Utah, a thousand miles away. You discover a bottle of mead would make a great gift for an event next month. But you get distracted and never purchase a bottle.
  4. Later, on Facebook you see an ad for that bottle of mead. You buy it.

The meadery showed facebook ads to people across the country who were interested in “craft beer and fine wine”. Then they showed another ad to the people who clicked the first one.

The Restaurant

  1. This local restaurant has a killer Tuesday night special, but they’d like to get more people in the door.
  2. We create a Facebook ad that builds brand awareness and advertises their special.
  3. They target people who are interested in dining out within 20 miles.

Rather than pouring money into print ads and flyers, knowing full well that most of them will be thrown away, the restaurant targeted people they knew would be interested in their special. It was a fraction of the cost.


The Kid’s Furniture Store

  1. This local business has been in the community for five years. They have had quite a few clients but would like to acquire more business similar to their previous clientelle.
  2. We upload their clientelle list to Facebook. Facebook analyzes this list against their known profiles and interests, and then creates a “look-alike audience."  
  3. The furniture store is now serving ads to a new base of people who they know will be interested in their products.

We can use your existing client base to find similar prospective clients.

Say goodbye to print ads.

This is your new budget.

$450/month Ad Management  + $5/day minimum Ad Spend
+ $550 setup fee

We will create, manage, analyze, and perfect your ads for you.  No hassle, no head ache, no worries.   Just results.  Sit back and watch the ads do their work.

Here's What You Get

We Deliver

  • Write and design the ads with your input
  • Perform A/B split testing to determine which ads respond best
  • Monitor the progress of your ads and adjust as needed once per month
  • Send you weekly progress reports
  • Hold monthly 30 minute meetings to discuss progress and direction

Data-Driven Method

Some ads will perform better with your audience.  Once per month, we’ll analyze the performance of an ad-set, disable the ad that’s underperforming, and create another one to improve upon the other’s success.

An ad-set is a collection of ads that all share a common goal. It will contain two similar ads for the same target audience, but will feature different images and/or text. We create ad-sets and use the proven method of split A/B testing on every ad you run.  

Reaching Propsects On All Levels

We run 3 ad-sets, each targeting the three types of prospective clients: Cold, Warm, or Hot.

A Cold client is someone who’s never heard of you before. To get a cold client’s attention, we would focus solely on brand building, laying the foundation of trust and recognition, and driving traffic to your website.

A Warm client is someone who’s already gone to your website, either organically or by clicking your ad. If it doesn’t convert to a sale, this ad will remarket to these individuals and entice them to take advantage of an offer, sign up for a mailing list, or fill out a contact form.  

A Hot client is someone who has clicked the offer or contact form and is now the most likely to make a purchase.  This ad-set will feature ads like seasonal promotions, coupons, or remind them of an upcoming sales event.   

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your first month with us is entirely risk free!  We’ll help you optimize your website, create the ads, and provide a report at the end of the month to show you how well your ads performed.  If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your money - no questions asked.

Billing Cycle 

All billing is by automatic monthly payment.

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