What You Need To Know About Websites

If you’re not sure where to start, this page is for you.  A website is merely a way for you to reach your audience. It doesn’t replace your business. The goal is to get visitors to find what they’re looking for and to take action as quickly as possible. It’s not all about the size of your website. Sometimes you can achieve more in fewer pages.

Many people get wrapped up in google keyword rankings.  We don’t.  Our philosophy is that if a site is useful to people, engaging, and employs the right technology to be google compliant, it will rank well. Also, there’s no reason to believe that all your visitors are coming from google searches anyway. Other common ways to gain website traffic are through referral links (someone clicks a link - maybe in an email or another site), or direct traffic (someone types in your website directly). We focus primarily on engaging an audience once on your site.

How do we engage an audience once on your site? First, we identify what the goal of your site is. Maybe it’s to get people to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. Maybe it’s to stop in to your shop. Next, we carefully craft a message so that your visitors can find what they’re looking for without having to look! We minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to goal. We create a “call to action” to guide the visitors towards your end-goal. Finally, we engage them with beautiful design. We use rich imagery and graphic design that matches your brand.

A well designed website isn’t the largest, or the one that looks the fanciest. It’s the one that engages their visitors, provides the relevant information without having to search for it, suggest an action, and ultimately converts that action to the end-goal.

How much does a website cost?

That’s a difficult question to answer. The cost of the website will generally be reflected on how many pages you have and what services you’d like.  If you’re looking for something cheap and quick, we’d recommend a templated site.  If you’re looking for a special way to engage an audience, we’d recommend a custom site.  Generally, custom sites are in the $2-$8 thousand range, where templated sites typically start at $750.

It’s like asking what the price of a car is. It all depends on the car. We specialize in mid-range websites. Our websites tend to fall closer to the Honda. You can ride around in style, it has great pickup, but you won’t need to remortgage your home to pay for it.

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