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Before you move forward with any SEO work, the first step is to examine your code. Schedule a 30 minute SEO code checkup for only $199. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Book your appointment now.

Has your website had its annual SEO physical?

Underneath the shiny veneer of your website’s design lies the real foundation of the website. Most people don't realize that what you see as a human user and what search engines see are entirely different. Search engine “crawl bots” can’t see images, graphic styles, or animations, they can only see the source code that lies beneath (push ctrl+U or cmd+U in your browser to see what your source code looks like). It’s our job as web designers to make sure the code is structured properly for search engine consumption. 


Is your code SEO friendly?

Behind your website is code

Rock Solid Code
There are three tiers to SEO. The first stop in climbing the SEO mountain is ensuring the integrity of your website's code is rock solid. The way your website's code is structured has huge impacts on its rankings. By following best practices we can guide search engines to interpreting your website and understand the priority of each page’s content. It doesn't make sense to go further with your SEO if this step isn't nearly to perfection. Not only are further SEO techniques built on top of this step, it's also by far the easiest step to implement. A few simple changes here can make all the difference and start to produce immediate improvements in your rankings.

SEO Code Consultation
Find out if your website is performing
When you schedule your 30 minute code consultation, we’ll walk you through an analysis of your website’s code health and assess easy techniques you can employ that will lead to better search rankings. 

What’s in it for us?
Most website companies that perform SEO try to keep their clients in the dark as to what they’re doing, that way they can maintain control using a veil of tech lingo and scare tactics. Keeping our clients informed of the changes we’re making and why we’re doing it is a top priority to maintaining an honest and long standing relationship. We want to earn your trust with easy to implement changes that you can apply to your website and see results fast.

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Cindy C.

In this code checkup we’ll examine the following:

  • Does your website have a clear

    heading hierarchy?
  • Have you set a

    “canonical meta tag”?
  • Do you have a clear

    website title with your Company name and consistent separator?
  • Do you have a user friendly

    Google snippet
  • Is your

    Facebook OG meta set?
  • Is a

    sitemap present?
  • Do you have

    web traffic analytics?
  • Is your site

    mobile responsive?
  • Do you have

    SEO killers?

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